Friday, August 11, 2017

WEEK ONE: Introductions/Tripod 8/22-24

David Hockney
Project 1: Sketchbook, due 8/5
Notes: Contour
Images: Contour
Notes: Gesture
Images: Gesture

Notes: About a Series
Video: Creating a Series
Series Proposal due 8/29
(be sure to view series image galleries above on navigation bar under 130C Series)

Over the next few days: read thru this blog, follow the navigation bar at the top to find all the data available to you. Get your drawing materials together.

Tue Aug 22: Introductions

Thur Aug 24 
130B:Start Drawing, Tripod
Materials: what ever you have
130C: Series brainstorming and sketching
Claire Lieu: How to Brainstorm & Sketch