Thursday, March 15, 2018

WEEK TEN: Light over Form 3/16-22

Student work, pastel on sandpaper
130BC Week to Week Schedule, part 2

In Class Project: Primary Still Life
Images: Primary Still Life

Project 5: Shape/Color, due 4/4
Images: Shape/Color


Over the Weekend: Review Shape project info and get working! Be sure have a wide variety of blues and yellows for next week. 

Tue March 20: Still Life/Light over Form-Blue

Thur March 22: Still Life/Light over Form-Yellow

Thursday, March 8, 2018

WEEK NINE: Local Color, 3/9-15

Student work, Local Color, Banana
Project 4Dream/Memory due 3/20

In class Project: Local Color (print for class)
Images: Local Color
Notes: Markmaking

Making Sandpaper Recipe 

"From the Ground Up", great article from the Pastel Magazine

Mid Term Portfolio: Requirementsdue 3/15 NO LATES!!!!
Mid Term Portfolio: Grade Sheet (FYI)

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 3/15
Over the Weekend: Is that Dream/Memory as spectacular as it could be???? Put time into it!!! Put together your portfolio, follow directions please. Portfolio due on Thursday!! 
_____________________________________ Tue March 13: Local Color day 2
Materials: same and bring thick paper or mat board to make sandpaper

Thur March 15: Local Color day 3
Materials: same
Project 5, Shape/Color due 4/6 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

WEEK EIGHT: Understanding color, 3/2-8

Monet, Value of Color


Project 4: Dream/Memory due 3/20
Images: Dream/Memory, 3

In class Project: Value of Color (print for class)
Images: Value of Color

Mid Term Portfolio: Requirements, due 3/15 NO LATES!!!!
Mid Term Portfolio: Grade Sheet (FYI)

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 3/15
Over the Weekend: Do you have all your supplies?? Print out the assignment above. You should be spending time with your Dream/Memory project, it's your mid term. Take a look at portfolio requirements, do you have all your work done? No late portfolios will be accepted.
Tue March 6: NO CLASS - teacher meetings

Thur March 8: Value of Color (bring printed assignment)
Project 4 Dream/Memory sketches due
Materials: same

Thursday, February 22, 2018

WEEK SEVEN: Critique/Color, 2/23-3/1

Georgia O'Keefe pastel box

Pastel Supplies, due 2/27
Pastel Papers, due 2/27

Project 3: Drapery, due 2/27

In Class project: Color Theory 
In class project: Color Wheel
(please print both for class)
Images: Color Notes

Project 4: Dream/Memory due 3/15
Images: Dream/Memory, 2

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 3/15

Over the Weekend: Be sure to finish up your drapery drawing! Start planning Project 4. Have you purchased your pastels and pastel papers?

Tue Feb 27: Critique
-Charcoal skull drawing
-Conte/Gray paper drawing
-Project 3
Introduction: Project 4
Project 4, Dream/Memory due 3/15

Thur March 1: Begin Color
Materials: (same for rest of semester) 
All pastels, newsprint, portfolio of various drawing papers)  and printed Color Theory and Color Wheel assignment
(Written Dream/Memory and sketches due today)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

WEEK SIX: Value Gray Paper cont., 2/16-22

Student Drawing
Project 3: Drapery, 2/27
Images: Drapery

Images: Gray paper&conte, 1

Pastel Supplies, due 2/27
Pastel Papers, due 2/27

Project 4: Dream/Memory due 3/15
Images: Dream/Memory, 1

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 3/15

Over the Weekend: Work on your drapery project. Be sure to plan on purchasing your pastel supplies!  Start thinking about mid term project, Assignment 4

Tue Feb 20: Gray paper, day 3
Materials: same

Thur Feb 22: Gray paper, last day
Materials: same

Thursday, February 8, 2018

WEEK FIVE: Value, Gray Paper 2/9-15

Student work 
Gray Paper Project Supplies, due 2/13
Pastel Supplies, due 2/27
Pastel Papers, due 2/27

Project 2: City/Street Perspective, due 2/13

Amazing sketchbook artist Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

Over the weekend: Finish up your City/Street drawing. Get your gray paper and contes. Start thinking about purchasing your pastels. 

Tue Feb 13: Gray paper, day 1
Materials: newsprint, gray paper, charcoals, contes, erasers
Project 2 due

Thur Feb 15: Gray paper, day 2
Materials: same

Thursday, February 1, 2018

WEEK FOUR: Value, Light over form 2/2-8

William Bailey, Still Life, graphite
Project 2: City/Street Perspective, due 2/13
Images: City/Street Perspective

Notes: Value and Light over form
Images: Light over Form

Gray Paper Project Supplies, due 2/13
_____________________________________ Over the weekend: Start your City/Street Perspective drawing, do sketches, find the best one to work from. Spend quality time with this piece. Next week have all your charcoals and while paper. 
______________________________________ Tue Feb 6 Light over form
Materials: newsprint, white paper, all charcoals, erasers, chamois 

Thur Feb 8 Light over form
Materials: same