Thursday, December 7, 2017

WEEK SEVENTEEN: Transparent/Reflection and Food!!!, 12/8-14

Diane Olivier, Cherry Cake
Dream/Memory in Color, due 12/14

Final Portfolio list of work
Final Portfolio Grade Sheet, FYI

Our class member in 130B, Emily's band is playing this Sunday-go dance!!!

Over the Weekend: Be sure to finish up your Dream/Memory this weekend and gather your portfolio for next Thursday. 

Tue Dec 12 Continue Transparent/Reflection

Thur Dec 14 FOOD!!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

WEEK SIXTEEN: Crits and Transparent/Reflections, 12/1-7

Diane Olivier, Transparent/Reflection
Dream/Memory in Color, due 12/5

FRIDAY 12/1 6-9pm
SATURDAY/SUNDAY 12/2-3, noon-4pm

Final Portfolio list of work
Final Portfolio Grade Sheet, FYI

Over the Weekend: Hope to see you all the the FM show receptions with your family/friends!!! Please show up for your work shifts and bring food/drink to share on Friday night!!! Crit on Tuesday, finish up Collage and Diorama!!!! 

Tue Dec 5
Critique Collage and Diorama Drawings

Thur Dec 7
Transparent/Reflection, day 1 of 2

Thursday, November 23, 2017

WEEK FIFTEEN: Framing and Catch up, 11/24-30

Student work, Dream/Memory
Dream/Memory in Color, due 12/14


Final Portfolio list of work
Final Portfolio Grade Sheet, FYI

Over the Weekend: Do you have framing supplies???? You'll have open time to work on College and Diorama both days next week while we also frame. Send out invitations to your email list and post on social media. Sign up for a work shift. Now start working on sketches for Dream/Memory. Bring in sketches next Tuesday. 

Tue Nov 28
Open: Collage and/or Diorama drawing
FRAMING!!! Bring your art and supplies

Thur Nov 30
Open: Collage and/or Diorama drawing
FRAMING!!! Bring your art and supplies

Thursday, November 16, 2017

WEEK FOURTEEN: Diorama continued, 11/17-23

April Coppini
Dream/Memory in Color, due 12/14

Images: Student Diorama


Over the Weekend: Get your framing stuff so we can frame your beautiful work after Thanksgiving for the FM show Dec 1,2,3. You've got one more outside project to work on - the dream/memory this time in color. Bring in your written story next Tuesday. Finish the collage drawing at home for final portfolio Dec 14. 

Tue Nov 21
Continue Diorama drawing

Thur Nov 23  NO CLASS

Thursday, November 9, 2017

WEEK THIRTEEN: Collage to Diorama, 11/10-16

Project 6 Color of Black/White, due 11/14

In Class Diorama Drawing, due 12/5

Fort Mason Holiday Show
Framing Supplies

Over the Weekend: Finish creating your diorama! Make sure your color of black/white still life is done. 

Tue Nov 14 Last day collage drawing

Thur Nov 16 Begin Diorama drawing

Thursday, November 2, 2017

WEEK TWELVE: Collage Drawing, 11/3-9

Student Drawing, Collage based drawing
Project 6: Color of Black and White, due 11/14
Images: Color of Black and White

In Class Project: Collage Based Drawing, due 12/5

Images: Creating the Collage
Images: Collage Based Drawing Using Grid, 1

Upcoming In Class Project: Diorama, do part 1, due 11/16

Notes: Making a Diorama 
Images: About Dioramas
Check out these die-oramas!!!

Over the Weekend: You've got 3 things to focus on: 

  • the at home color of black and white still life drawing
  • making a collage from color photographs you'll be drawing from in class for the next two weeks
  • making a diorama in a box you'll be able to carry to class in a couple weeks. 
Be sure to plan ahead and keep up!!!

Tue Nov 7 Collage based drawing, day 1 of 3

130C: Work day

Thur Nov 9 Collage based drawing, day 2 of 3
130C: Work day

Thursday, October 26, 2017

WEEK ELEVEN: Still Lifes and Critique, 10/27-11/2

Student work
Project 5: Shape/Color, due 10/31

UPCOMING: Collage Based Project (do Part 1, collecting color photos)
Images: Collage Based Drawing

OVER THE WEEKEND: Finish Project 5 for Tuesday. Start collecting color photographs for upcoming collage based project. Make sure you plenty of reds and dark purples for next week. 

Tue Oct 31 
Primary Still Life: Yellow
Project 5 due

Thur Nov 2 
Critique: 3 Primary Still Life
Introduction: Collage based drawing and upcoming Diorama Drawing
130C: Work day