Thursday, November 16, 2017

WEEK FOURTEEN: Diorama continued, 11/17-23

April Coppini
Dream/Memory in Color, due 12/14

Images: Student Diorama


Over the Weekend: Get your framing stuff so we can frame your beautiful work after Thanksgiving for the FM show Dec 1,2,3. You've got one more outside project to work on - the dream/memory this time in color. Bring in your written story next Tuesday. Finish the collage drawing at home for final portfolio Dec 14. 

Tue Nov 21
Continue Diorama drawing

Thur Nov 23  NO CLASS

Thursday, November 9, 2017

WEEK THIRTEEN: Collage to Diorama, 11/10-16

Project 6 Color of Black/White, due 11/14

In Class Diorama Drawing, due 12/5

Fort Mason Holiday Show
Framing Supplies

Over the Weekend: Finish creating your diorama! Make sure your color of black/white still life is done. 

Tue Nov 14 Last day collage drawing

Thur Nov 16 Begin Diorama drawing

Thursday, November 2, 2017

WEEK TWELVE: Collage Drawing, 11/3-9

Student Drawing, Collage based drawing
Project 6: Color of Black and White, due 11/14
Images: Color of Black and White

In Class Project: Collage Based Drawing, due 12/5

Images: Creating the Collage
Images: Collage Based Drawing Using Grid, 1

Upcoming In Class Project: Diorama, do part 1, due 11/16

Notes: Making a Diorama 
Images: About Dioramas
Check out these die-oramas!!!

Over the Weekend: You've got 3 things to focus on: 

  • the at home color of black and white still life drawing
  • making a collage from color photographs you'll be drawing from in class for the next two weeks
  • making a diorama in a box you'll be able to carry to class in a couple weeks. 
Be sure to plan ahead and keep up!!!

Tue Nov 7 Collage based drawing, day 1 of 3

130C: Work day

Thur Nov 9 Collage based drawing, day 2 of 3
130C: Work day

Thursday, October 26, 2017

WEEK ELEVEN: Still Lifes and Critique, 10/27-11/2

Student work
Project 5: Shape/Color, due 10/31

UPCOMING: Collage Based Project (do Part 1, collecting color photos)
Images: Collage Based Drawing

OVER THE WEEKEND: Finish Project 5 for Tuesday. Start collecting color photographs for upcoming collage based project. Make sure you plenty of reds and dark purples for next week. 

Tue Oct 31 
Primary Still Life: Yellow
Project 5 due

Thur Nov 2 
Critique: 3 Primary Still Life
Introduction: Collage based drawing and upcoming Diorama Drawing
130C: Work day

Thursday, October 19, 2017

WEEK TEN: Light over Form 10/20-26

Student work, pastel on sandpaper
130B Week to Week Schedule, part 2
130C Week to Week Schedule, part 2

In Class Project: Primary Still Life
Images: Primary Still Life

Project 5: Shape/Color, due 10/31
Images: Shape/Color


Over the Weekend: Review Shape project info and get working! Be sure have a wide variety of blues and yellows for next week. 

Tue Oct 24: Still Life/Light over Form-Blue
130C: Work day

Thur Oct 26: Still Life/Light over Form-Yellow
130C: Work day

Thursday, October 12, 2017

WEEK NINE: Local Color, 10/13-19

Student work, Local Color, Banana
Project 4Dream/Memory due 10/19

In class Project: Local Color 

Making Sandpaper Recipe 

"From the Ground Up", great article from the Pastel Magazine

Mid Term Portfolio: Requirementsdue 10/19 NO LATES!!!!
Mid Term Portfolio: Grade Sheet (FYI)

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 10/19

Over the Weekend: Is that Dream/Memory as spectacular as it could be???? Put time into it!!! Put together your portfolio, follow directions please. Both due on Tuesday!! 

Tue Oct 17: Local Color day 2
Materials: same and bring thick paper or mat board to make sandpaper
Project 4 due

Thur Oct 19: Local Color day 3
Materials: same
Project 5, Shape/Color due 4/6 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

WEEK EIGHT: Understanding color, 10/6-12

Monet, Value of Color
Project 4: Dream/Memory due 10/19
Images: Dream/Memory, 3

In class Project: Value of Color (print for class)
Images: Value of Color

In class Project: Local Color (print for class)
Images: Local Color
Notes: Markmaking

Mid Term Portfolio: Requirements, due 10/19 NO LATES!!!!
Mid Term Portfolio: Grade Sheet (FYI)

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 10/19

Over the Weekend: Go to SF Sketchers on Saturday. Do you have all your supplies?? Print out the two assignments above. You should be spending time with your Dream/Memory project, it's your mid term. Take a look at portfolio requirements, do you have all your work done? No late portfolios will be accepted.

Tue Oct 10: Value of Color (bring printed assignment)
Materials: same

Thur Oct 12: Local color, day 1 (bring printed assignment)
Materials: same

Thursday, September 28, 2017

WEEK SEVEN: Critique/Color, 9/29-10/5

Georgia O'Keefe pastel box
Pastel Supplies, due 10/5
Pastel Papers, due 10/5

Project 3: Drapery, due 10/3

In Class project: Color Theory 
In class project: Color Wheel
(please print both for class)
Images: Color Notes

Project 4: Dream/Memory due 10/19
Images: Dream/Memory, 2

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 10/19

Over the Weekend: Be sure to finish up your drapery drawing! Start planning Project 4. Have you purchased your pastels and pastel papers?

Tue Oct 3: Critique
-Charcoal skull drawing
-Conte/Gray paper drawing
-Project 3
Introduction: Project 4
Project 4, Dream/Memory due 10/19

Thur Oct 5: Begin Color
Materials: (same for rest of semester) 
All pastels, newsprint, portfolio of various drawing papers)  and printed Color Theory and Color Wheel assignment
(Written Dream/Memory and sketches due today)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

WEEK SIX: Value Gray Paper cont., 9/22-28

Student Drawing
Project 3: Drapery, due 10/3
Images: Drapery

Images: Gray paper&conte, 1

Pastel Supplies, due 10/5
Pastel Papers, due 10/5

Project 4: Dream/Memory due 10/19
Images: Dream/Memory, 1

Extra Credit Project: Add another 6 hours of drawing to your sketchbook due 10/19

Over the Weekend: Work on your drapery project. Be sure to plan on purchasing your pastel supplies!  Start thinking about mid term project, Assignment 4

Tue Sept 26: Gray paper, day 3
Materials: same

Thur Sept 28: Gray paper, last day
Materials: same

Thursday, September 14, 2017

WEEK FIVE: Value, Gray Paper 9/15-21

Student work 
Gray Paper Project Supplies, due 9/19
Pastel Supplies, due 10/5
Pastel Papers, due 10/5

Project 2: City/Street Perspective, due 9/19

Amazing sketchbook artist Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

Over the weekend: Finish up your City/Street drawing. Get your gray paper and contes. Start thinking about purchasing your pastels. 

Tue Sept 19: Gray paper, day 1
Materials: newsprint, gray paper, charcoals, contes, erasers
Project 2 due

Thur Sept 21: Gray paper, day 2
Materials: same

Thursday, September 7, 2017

WEEK FOUR: Value, Light over form 9/8-14

William Bailey, Still Life, graphite
Project 2: City/Street Perspective, due 9/19
Images: City/Street Perspective

Notes: Value and Light over form
Images: Light over Form

Gray Paper Project Supplies, due 10/3

Over the weekend: Start your City/Street Perspective drawing, do sketches, find the best one to work from. Spend quality time with this piece. Next week have all your charcoals and while paper. 

Tue Sept 12 Light over form
Materials: newsprint, white paper, all charcoals, erasers, chamois 

Thur Sept 14 Light over form
Materials: same

Thursday, August 31, 2017

WEEK THREE: Perspective, 9/1-7

Project 1, due 9/5
Robert Bechtle, Impala, graphite on paper 

Notes: Space
Images: Space

FRIDAY SEPT 1 LAST DAY TO DROP and not be liable for all applicable fees (Info)

Over the weekend: Finish your hours in your sketchbook. Make sure you have all your materials. 

Tue Sept 5: Linear Perspective, 1 point
Materials: newsprint, white paper, charcoal and graphite pencils, erasers
Project 1 due
130C Work day

Thur Sept 7: Linear Perspective, 2 point
Materials: same
130C Critique

Thursday, August 24, 2017

WEEK TWO: Tripod, Aug 25-31

Regina Granne
Project 1: Tripod Sketchbook, due 9/5
Images: Sketchbooks,
Images: Sketchbooks Online
Images: Student Sketchbook

Notes: Sight&Measure
Images: Sight&Measure

FRIDAY SEPT 1 LAST DAY TO DROP and not be liable for all applicable fees (Info)

Over the weekend: Work hard on gesture, contour, sight & measure in your sketchbook! Have you read all the notes and looked at all the images above?Do you have all your supplies? 

Aug 29 
130A: Tripod
Materials: 18x24 white pad, newsprint, all charcoals, graphites, ink
130C: Series proposal due, work day

Aug 31 
130B: Tripod
Materials: same
130C: Work day

Friday, August 11, 2017

WEEK ONE: Introductions/Tripod 8/22-24

David Hockney
Project 1: Sketchbook, due 8/5
Notes: Contour
Images: Contour
Notes: Gesture
Images: Gesture

Notes: About a Series
Video: Creating a Series
Series Proposal due 8/29
(be sure to view series image galleries above on navigation bar under 130C Series)

Over the next few days: read thru this blog, follow the navigation bar at the top to find all the data available to you. Get your drawing materials together.

Tue Aug 22: Introductions

Thur Aug 24 
130B:Start Drawing, Tripod
Materials: what ever you have
130C: Series brainstorming and sketching
Claire Lieu: How to Brainstorm & Sketch